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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does EmployAbility Service Cork offer?

EmployAbility Service Cork offers a comprehensive job matching, recruitment advice and employment support service for the business community. 
As well as having available a pool of fully qualified, skilled and conscientious job seekers drawn from every field of industry, we also screen our candidates to fit your precise labour requirements.
Our recruitment advice service is then available to address any query you may have in enabling a suitable candidate to take up a position in your company.
Once our client is in post our employment support service is only a phone call away to provide ongoing advice and guidance.
We can also support employers who are already employing people with a disability but who may be facing difficulties as a result of their condition.
Our service is fully funded by Intreo and provided completely free of charge.
How are candidates selected?
Our screening process involves the scrutiny of each of our client’s attributes including their knowledge, experience and transferable skills. 
For any position an employer is seeking to fill we would usually be able to shortlist 3 or 4 highly qualified individuals for your consideration from our large pool of job seekers.
The selection process may then involve an unpaid “job trial” or “working interview,” for the preferred candidate which may run for up to 7 weeks and for which we would provide a training allowance for our client.
What support do I get from EmployAbility Service Cork?
Each of our clients has their own dedicated job coach who is there to provide whatever advice and guidance the employer may need in supporting our clients’ successful inclusion within their company.
This may include disability awareness training and information on what reasonable accommodations a client may sometimes need in order to perform their role and contribute to the success of the company.
The ongoing job coach support we provide is finely tuned to individual employer requirements and is generally able to anticipate any issue which may arise. 
Our support packages are designed to enable our disabled clients to move towards working independently of our service and are "faded" once clients need only the typical supports found in their place of work.
EmployAbilityService Cork, accordingly, is able to combine a meticulously planned job matching and recruitment service with a high quality employment support package that is simply not available within any mainstream recruitment agency.
What financial incentives are available to employers?
Our free job matching service can immediately promise an employer significant savings on recruitment and selection costs in these challenging times. 
Moreover, many employers would be eligible for the Intreo Jobs Plus Scheme or Wage Subsidy Scheme as well as many other grants and financial supports available for people with disabilities and employers.
We are able to facilitate and help with the paperwork for any of these financial incentives on behalf of an employer who is willing to give a disabled job seeker the opportunity of employment.
Why should I employ a person with disability?
EmployAbilityService Cork holds the straightforward view that people with a disability have a moral claim to the same employment rights as everyone else.  We believe that this view is now commonly held in Irish society and confirmed by the many examples of Equality legislation passed in the last 15 years.
We also believe that employing people with disability makes good business sense. For instance, around 40 million consumers across the European Union have a disability.  By employing people with disabilities, a company is able to gain a greater appreciation of the needs of its customers and is more likely to experience customer loyalty and increased prosperity as a result.
Finally, research shows that providing equal opportunities for all candidates in recruitment gives the widest choice of applicants, helps to overcome skills shortages, improves job satisfaction and raises employee morale generally.  In short, having a diverse workforce which includes people with a disability is good employment practice and makes great business sense!
Where can I get more information?
If you want to find out more about our service please call EmployAbilityService Cork and one of our staff members will be pleased to talk to you.