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Number of advertised jobs rises 17% over past year


The total number of jobs being advertised has increased by 17% over the past year, and by 7% in the last quarter.

Sectors driving the annual increase of 17% include telecoms (+41%); science, pharmaceuticals and food (+28%); financial services and insurance (+49%); construction, architecture and property (+18%); retail (+15%); and tourism (+14%).

Meanwhile, between April and June of this year there was an increase of jobs being advertised in healthcare (+32%), legal (+15%), and manufacturing (+17%)., which compiled the figures, has also published a Jobs Market Sentiment survey stating there is strong sentiment in the jobs market among jobseekers, with 50% (either employed, currently unemployed or in education and training) of the belief that the jobs market is improving.

In addition, more than half of jobseekers surveyed claim to be more secure in their job compared with 12 months ago. Almost two in 10 say they have already received a salary increase this year and three in 10 are expecting an increase.

The report looked at all corporate jobs advertised on two prominent jobs websites from the beginning of April to the end of June this year.