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Travellers Initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

What Services are offered by EmployAbilityService Cork?

The Special Initiative for Travellers Programme (SIT) is a Department of Justice and Equality Initiative that seeks to facilitate the employment of Travellers in the open labour market.
The programme is a free service designed to prepare job ready individuals by assisting them to integrate fully into the workforce. It gives access to mainstream paid employment, part-time, full-time and Community Employment, based on choice, needs and abilities. It also facilitates clients who want to be self employed.
Am I eligible for the service?
In order to be eligible for the service a person would need to be at least 18 years of age, be a member of the Travelling community, be willing and able to work in excess of 8 hrs per week and have the motivation to work.
Is the service suitable for me?
Our service is suitable for any person who is able and willing, with support, to work at least 8 hours a week in open employment; and who has the required training and education for their chosen career.
How do I get referred?
You must seek a referral through an Intreo Employment Service Officer at one of the Intreo clinics held fortnightly or monthly throughout Cork County, or you can speak to any one of the Local Employment Service office, or contact us directly. 
What happens after my referral?
Once we have received your referral, the job coach will contact you directly to arrange an initial meeting with you. At the meeting the job coach will go through in greater detail what the programme is about and you and the job coach decide if the programme is suitable for your needs.
What is a Job Coach?
A Job Coach is someone who works on a one to one basis with their clients in order to provide each with an individual package of support. This support package takes into account each person’s attributes and aspirations whilst planning how to address the barriers they may face in gaining and maintaining employment.
Will my Social Welfare payment be affected?
When you first meet with the job coach he or she will run through what benefits you are currently receiving. The job coach will endeavour to explain how your benefits will be affected if you are to secure a full time position. For this reason we look in detail at each person’s individual social welfare entitlements in advance of them taking up a job; and help them to work out what they may expect to face as they move into employment. 
Is there any charge or payment for using this service?
There is no charge or payment for using this service. The job coach will at all times meet with you in your areas to ensure there is no cost to the individual.
Why do I have to give my PPS number?
We request your PPS number for identification purposes only.   All information given to the Job Coach is kept confidential and not distributed to any third party.
How can I get more information?
If you are considering seeking a referral to EmployAbility Service Cork and would like to find out more please contact us directly and we will be happy to arrange to meet with you.